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I see my six-member Year 9 tutor group once a week for about 90 minutes. Each week we do something different, cook a meal, see a film, have a discussion based around a PHSE lecture - whatever attracts our interest. It is fascinating to see how they are settling into a (huge) new school and trying their hand at the many activities and opportunities open to them.

Just before half term I set them a task of selecting a TED talk of their choice. We had seen the wonderful talk by Sugata Mitra as a prompt for a discussion on child-driven education and the ways in which digital natives adapt so quickly to technology as learning tools.

I was pleasantly surprised with the selection of six talks that they came up with. Each student gives a brief introduction to the talk and we pick out some of the themes in discussion straight after. They chose the following:

Raghava KK - Shake up your story

Lewis Pugh’s mind-shifting Mount Everest swim


Graham Hawkes flies through the ocean


Loretta Napoleoni: The intricate economics of terrorism


Ken Robinson - Schools are killing creativity


Steve Jobs - Stanford Commencement Speech


I guess the next task is to get them to film their own TED talks!


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