1st October 2014

‘Four Words’ - an interactive, lively test of some key phrases from the start of the AS Curriculum

We've got another fantastic interactive quiz format for you. This one will help test how much your students have taken in over these first few weeks of the AS course. This activity called 'Four Words' shows students the first four words of a definition of a key phrase. Students must decide if they think they know what the key phrase is (and earn maximum points) or wait to see the rest of the definition and earn lower points. Of course, if they get the answer wrong they get zero points! 15 key phrases are tested.

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23rd January 2015

Are you a secret Tory, Lib Dem, Lab, Kipper, Green or BNP voter?

The website Vote for Policies might help students and teachers in the run up to May's General Election. 

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7th January 2015

Match the MP and Constituency - Lesson Activity

Here's another edition of our popular Tridominoes activity which you can use to see how well your Politics students know their MPs and Constituencies.Is George Osborne the MP for Tatton or Morley & Outwood?Which of the featured MPs represents Stoke-on-Trent Central?Can students match the MP to his or her constituency?Give it a go and find out!Download printable triangles (you'll need to cut these out!) Download the solution (to prove it can be done!)

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5th December 2014

Red Herring Activity on Ideologies

Recent attendees of our Wow Politics events in London were shown a copy of our 'Red Herring' Powerpoint game.  One delegate, Jon Neil from RGS in Newcastle, created his own version on Ideologies and has allowed us to share this.The activity takes a different twist on the classical multi-choice quiz format.  Four answers are shown on screen but there is no question attached.  Instead, students must work out which 3 out of the 4 answers are linked and which remaining answer is unconnected (the Red Herring).  Think of the 'picture round' in Have I Got News For

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21st October 2014

Trick or Treat Politics Challenge

A seasonal quiz challenge for your Government & Politics students fresh out of the tutor2u Learning Lab.

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10th September 2014

The Eliminator Quiz - Introduction to AS Politics

Here's an engaging 5 to 10 minute activity to try with your new AS Politics students.  The 'Eliminator' quiz does not cover any specific topic but acts as a way of finding out what your students may already know or to stimulate discussion.

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18th November 2013

Politics Teachers - Grab a Free Taster of WOW! Politics

WOW! Politics - our new teaching & learning resource programme for AS & A2 Government & Politics - launched in London today. We were delighted with the response from the dozens of Politics teachers who were able to join us.If you would like to get a taste of the content & style of the WOW! Politics resources, you can order a free taster resource pack from this link:WOW! Politics 2014 Resource Taster Pack

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