We've been grateful to receive many positive testimonials about tutor2u in recent years, including several hundred when we were named as the Smarta 100 winners in 2011. Here are some of the comments which we've received which makes us all proud of what has been achieved to-date and also determined to continue improving and expanding the tutor2u service.

"tutor2u has become vital support for teachers and lecturers. The Riley brothers work tirelessly to ensure excellent quality support and resurces for schools and colleges."

"I have benefited from the services of tutor2u for ten years - right from the start.  The quality of their material is often superb.  Although they are clearly a successful business, they feel more like a service, and do not give the impression that they are always after your money. If only more firms could operate like this.  To me, they are like 'hymns ancient and modern'!  Right up to the minute with the latest ideas and technology, complemented with good old-fashioned service."

"Fantastic comprehensive resources for new and experienced teachers.  Up-to-date blog, lots of ideas for starters and plenaries, lots of 'digested' news article to use straight in the classroom.  Could not do without tutor2u!"

"As a HE & Careers Adviser- the first question I ask students is 'Do you follow Tutor2u?' and then 'If not, why not?' Brilliant resource and great for the personal statement- really pushes students to reflect on what they have learnt and helps students relate their knowledge to the university course they are applying for."

"tutor2u has succeeded in delivering an inspirational content rich, learning platform which is packed with innovative lessons allied to tried and tested classroom insights whilst simultaneously engaging students. In short, the company has succeeded where outdated teacher training and the much vaunted government backed 'national grid for learning' failed. All achieved with humility and a personal touch from a great team."

"A truly innovative company, which makes teachers' lives a lot easier! tutor2U is now pretty much the 'industry standard' for most teachers I know, and the brand is almost synonymous with online resources for Business and Economics education."

"tutor2u is an invaluable resource which lets you take time out of planning and instead build interactive lessons based on current news. Everything from revision points, to blogs to topical quizzies and  conferences, to back up theory tailored to the specification, makes this invaluable. Have used you since launch have introduced all new teachers and pupils to your site since then. I can't imagine teaching with only a text book - surely with a resource like this no one does that anymore."

"Jim and Geoff have developed a tremendous business based on an understanding of what opportunities constantly changing technologies offer a small business. The success is based on a simple premise: knowing their customers, continually giving them what they want and exceeding service expectations."

"Not only a brilliant resource in terms of reducing stress of teachers and improving performance of students, but a fantastic way for the teaching community to engage with each other on a professional level. A fantastic business!"

"Without tutor2u I could not survive - I teach A/AS level in AQA Business Studies and Excel Applied Business.  Fantastic resources, free blogs etc.  Please never go out of business!!  They are the best educational resource around - bar none!"

"They find the resources, we don't have time to find!  A superb site, loved by both pupils and teachers."

"These guys really go the extra mile to bring something good to teachers and learners...Thanks"

"This site allows for collaborative knowledge building. It epitomizes the new standards of 21st century learning. It crosses the boundaries of countries and cultures. This site has introduced my students in the U.S.A. to companies located throughout the world. It expands our opportunities to study the environments of world economic and political systems. The Riley brothers have "flattened" the world. Kudos!!!"

"An excellent service that has made a massive difference to thousands of young people studying the Business and Economics courses that will be so pivotal to the future of the UK."

"Cannot be beaten as an educational resource - if you were to ask me for one resource to use to teach business or economics, you can keep your textbooks, videos, work books, lecture notes, etc. - give me tutor2u!"

"I would feel lost without tutor2u - an amazing resource. It really takes away a lot of the stress of searching for resources and the materials are always spot on in terms of generating student interest in a particular topic."

"This company really knows its customers and has hit a niche in the market exactly meeting the needs of the users. People can be part of it-  good use of resources-  using inputs which are free- great business sense.  I personally have become a better teacher from using this site.  It is a perfect example of utilising new technologies to meet customer needs and it is a fantastic resource that adds value to teaching and learning.  This site has also benefited society by helping to improve the lives of teachers and the learning of students.  Can't beat that!"

"They have transformed the teaching of economics and business studies with superb and very  varied range of resources   - and have blended paid for products with many free resources showing an excellent understanding of their target market."

"Jim and Geoff have provided an innovative way of making the subjects come alive.  By making the material available freely to such a vast audience, the blog has grown as people add their own and it is just amazing what so many minds can produce together.  Tutor2U however, have had the vision to see that it can be done and have produced other resources and training that help us as teachers to take it into the classroom with a stronger understanding of what is required.  They're not just a faceless company who will sell a resource and be done with it, Jim will always help out with any queries - I don't know where he gets his energy from!  They certainly have supported me over the years, I know I would have been floundering without them."

"Has become the No 1 Business/Economics portal - absolutely essential"

"An excellent website combined with good, friendly service. And their workshops and conferences set the standard in Economics and Business teaching."

"A fantastic website for both teachers & students. As a teacher I'm worried that Jim, Geoff & their team may make my job as a Teacher of Business redundant, such is the detail, relevance & interactivity of their material and information. Tutor2U is a god-send. It is superb. And it's all free!"

"A fantastic site that understands the needs of teachers and students. Great organisation of a superb range of resources and articles with guidance for application and use in the classroom. The site always provides intelligent comment which respects its audience and encourages further research and wider reading."

"The most invaluable teaching resource available! Every lesson is enriched by the wealth of resources provided by tutor2u - it has made me a better teacher and my students more knowledgeable."

"As an Economics teacher I honestly don't know what me and my students would do without tutor2u- it's just such a fantastic and valuable resource. Furthermore, their courses for students and teachers are very highly rated and I've always found their training courses to be far superior to those offered by much larger rivals in the education industry, as well as being much more reasonably priced."

"tutor2u is my lifeline in a busy school day."

tutor2u is by far the best teaching resource I have ever come across in all my (36year) teaching career.

"The greatest business resource for FE in the world!!!!"

"Unbelieveable support that is relevant to teachers. Most of it is free, but the ones you have to pay for are excellent value for money. Us Business teachers would be lost without it and having to rely on outdated textbooks instead. They have helped my lessons to be more interesting which benefits the student's learning."

"I think this website has changed lives! I honestly feel that they have changed the way of teaching and this has had a major impact on young people's lives! The teaching ideas are innovative and real life! I am in my 5th year of teaching and my lessons wouldn't have been as good if it hadn't been for tutor2u!"

"All the resources and courses demonstrate a love of the subject and engage teachers and students alike.Tutor2u inspires others to get involved and to join in, and to pass on the enthusiasm to new batches of students again and again. The business makes every user feel part of the team, and helps us to keep raising the standards together."

"A great website and business that brings to the customer just what they need with room to grow and grow. Always innovating and improving and using its customers as a source of new ideas and material, it is essential to students."

"I teach IB Economics and A level and GCSE Economics & Business Studies and am always on the hunt for relevant and up to date material from the UK and around the world.  I find this website invaluable, and access it on a daily basis.  It has helped me, a teacher in my fifties, to keep my lessons fresh, and, I hope, innovative"

"This is the site that my students and I use more than any other for links to up to date news stories and revision summaries.  It's current, very well organised and targeted exactly to my needs as a teacher and theirs as students."

"Probably the best teaching resource on the net"

"What amazing resources and support. They make lessons and learning fun.I'd be lost without tutor2U - in my opinion the best resource for students and teachers."

"Brill site, innovative amd always improving. Helps me engage the learners"

"tutor2u has helped me teach hundred's of Chinese teenagers the love of Economics through the Cambridge international A level program.  The site's focus on what is important at every stage of the AS and A2  components has allowed young Chinese people not only gain knowledge and understanding sufficient to gain places at the world's top 50 universities but also to graduate and return home as leaders for tomorrow.  Leaders who will understand us the better for the experience."

"Fantastic people and resources - their great mix of free material provided by tutor2u and volunteeer contributors /bloggers is coupled with well organised revision conferences and other fee paying services. They are by far the best Business Studies website for teachers and students."

"Best teacher support site in UK by a country mile. Always being updated and so easy to use"

"The BEST resource for Business teachers and students alike. The first thing I do when I meet my new students is to get them to log on to Tutor2U. The resources are always right up to date and pitched to capture the interest. "

"My day starts at 6am downstairs in the bog reading off the iPhone 'Economics in the News' the daily blog - it wouldn't be a school day with it!!! Jokes aside, a truely fantastic resource base opening up the world of Economics, making it contemporary, relevant and acessible for teachers and students alike. Tried, tested and throughly impressed"

"tutor2u saved my sanity when I was an NQT, and continues to provide arguably better CPD than some exam boards. The Economics and Business Studies blogs are invaluable lesson resources which bring subjects to life and help engage students."

"I teach economics in Shanghai, China. I get more detailed news on China's development from Tutor2u than local sources. My students write their own analysis of local and world events online, often using Tutor2u as inspiration."

"I love tutor2u.  It's my first port of call when looking for up-to-date resources, ideas and materials to share with my Business Studies classes.  Fantastic resource."

"An absolute gem in every respect. Excellent resources for students and teachers alike. Always informative, innovative and thought provoking. Jim and Geoff Riley have worked tirelessly on creating a site which has helped the delivery and effectiveness of countless teachers and the learning of even more students."

"Fantastic resources, most helpful team...and these lovely people even have a sense of humour..great stuff, much appreciated by staff and students alike"

"Tutor 2u is a fabulous organisation, which I have been using since it began. Jim and Geoff have been so generous in sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise in the field of economics, business and teaching and learning.  The resources are interesting, uptodate and make planning and preparation for lessons so much more efficient.  The student conferences and staff training are focused and inspiring too.  Tutor2u are leaders in exploting new mediums to engage students.  Tutor2u feels more like a charity - supporting students and teachers - rather than a profit making business.  Thank you to Jim and Geoff and the other blog contributors for devoting so much time to it - it is brilliant."