Wordle generates “word clouds” from text.  Describing itself as “a toy” this application disguises it’s full power. The ‘Word Clouds’ can look very pretty, and would in themselves suffice as a display, but the uncanny ability to highlight the key words in the text can be most useful in a classroom.

Extended pieces of writing can be analysed, it can also be used to help students assess their own or others written work. I found the best time I used it when looking at Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I have a dream speech’, it certainly added an extra dimention to the study of his words.

I must confess to a soft spot for this application, it is addictive and it certainly motivates students to look at text.

The ability to add blogs, feeds and URLs means that this ‘toy’ can be used to examine a whole range of written communication.

Click Here for an example, using the text above -wordle.png