I have been using this website a lot recently.
Firstly I was doing a bit of back-up research for a project for Tyne & Wear Museums.
We have produced some loans boxes for schools to loan for free.
We are trying to expand into the KS3 and KS4 market as the KS2 market is pretty full, thus I have been working on two; one on Medicine through time and the second on the Suffragettes.
Along with the Museum of London Website this site has some fantastic information.
To be honest it was not a place I would expect to find good Historical resources, but the information on the Suffragettes has been most useful. It certainly helped me.

Today I used the site again, I was looking at the crime of treason with Year 10 students studying Crime and Punishment through time, we were using the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ to highlight the brutality of the punishment for those found guilty of treason. I planned to use the National Archives materials, but they were too detailed for the time I wished to spend on the events alone. Instead I used the summary found on the Parliament website ( as it was brief enough to remind students of this familiar story, one additional bonus is that it is free of some of the wildest speculations, allowing us to focus on why the authorities reacted as they did, and how severe they saw this crime.
I think this site could be quite useful for cross curricular work, and would benefit those working on the Citizenship curriculum also.