4th February 2015

Exam Technique: Effective Revision By Spacing Your Long-term Memory

One of the four key elements to succeeding in exams and turning your effort and your intelligence into marks on the board is Effective Revision. Making sure revision lasts is a science as well as an art.

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21st December 2014

Fighting for Our Subject: Improving Uptake for GCSE Geography

With competition between subjects increasing in school,  it's important to show our students how important, realistic and current a Geography qualification is.

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10th November 2014

The Geography Teacher Linkedin Discussion Group

Our Geography teacher LinkedIn discussion group is now 'live'! The aim of the group is to allow Geography teachers to engage, connect and share ideas, best practice, concerns, teaching tips and other teacher related issues with each other. The Geography Teacher LinkedIn group is carefully monitored and managed so that it remains solely for the use of teachers. You can join the group here

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24th January 2015

Great Geography songs to teach various topics

Great songs to use to bring different topics alive!

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11th January 2015

Preparing exam groups

Looking for some quick tips on how to best prepare exam groups for upcoming exams?

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7th December 2014

Marking- smarter and easier for the teacher.

marking- let's speed it up. Let's get pupils working harder than teachers and constantly responding to feedback. Build those learning conversations.

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1st December 2014

World Bank Video on A Future of Floods and Droughts as Climate Changes

This new video from the World Bank outlines a pretty bleak future for many parts of the world as climate change continues to take effect. It's only short - and probably the better for that! Uncomfortable viewing, but packed with some useful insights and predictions.

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29th November 2014

Lesson observations and inspirational strategies

Being a head of department means I get to see some outstanding lesson observations every cycle, I am amazed at the creativity of lesson activities and the way that students engage with the lesson. OFSTED rated our secondary school as OUTSTANDING across all 4 areas in 2013, this prompted the transition of lesson observations and teaching to the idea of 'inspirational-strategies'. 

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24th November 2014

Population Pyramids - The Changing Profile of the World’s Population

A superb short video here from The Economist which describes the changing shape of the world's population pyramid. 

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21st November 2014

Starter Activity: Development Spin

This is a high impact starter for introducing development. 

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22nd September 2014

From Factory Floor to Your Wardrobe - The Journey of Your Jeans

This is a great video to illustrate the role of supply chains in supporting a truly global product like a pair of jeans. How far does a typical pair of jeans travel before it ends up in your closet -- and at what cost? Reuters tracks the garment supply chain, from factories in Bangladesh to retailers near you.

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