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Economics memes

15th October 2012

Artistic Economics!

15th March 2009

Troll Economics!

7th September 2011
Study notes

Keynesian Economics

Discover Economics

1st March 2008

WEIRD economics

15th September 2010

Economics Crossword

8th February 2009

Enlightened Economics

6th February 2009

Caveman economics

23rd March 2008

Cultural economics

15th June 2008

Groovy Economics!

24th February 2008

Economics Scrabble

18th May 2009

Ethical Economics

21st March 2008

Poor economics

6th November 2011

Economics joke

9th December 2010

Cocoa Economics

30th July 2010

IB Economics

27th January 2009
CPD courses

Teaching the New A Level Economics: Quantitative Methods

This course focuses solely on teaching & learning resources and approaches to delivering the wider range of quantitative methods contained in the new A Level and AS Level specifications. We've...

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