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I’m a bit old to get the whole troll / meme thing but one thing I do know is that if you put these troll cartoons up on the wall inside or outside of your classroom then it will get your students talking about economics - which is often half the battle!

This selection involves a bit of Keynes and the broken window fallacy, Friedman and monetarism, how to stop poverty and more. Googling “Troll Economics” will bring up a lot more!





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Teaching Labour Market Economics at A Level

This course supports colleagues delivering labour market topics included in the new A Level Economics specifications.

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AQA Economics Year 1 (AS) Practice Exam Papers

This resource comprises two practice exam papers (with supporting mark schemes) for each of the two Year 1 (AS) papers. The format of each practice exam paper follows precisely the format of the specimen assessment materials issued by the board that have been accredited by Ofqual.


AS Macroeconomics Revision Guide

This 44-page, full-colour printed revision guide is designed to support students preparing for their AS Economics exams on macroeconomics. tutor2u's Geoff Riley provides comprehensive coverage of all the core macroeconomic topics for AS Economics