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Record number of entries for Royal Economic Society Economics Essay Competition for 2013

As the midnight deadline was reached on 30 June 2013, an unprecedented number of A Level Economics students had submitted their entry for the annual Royal Economics Society (“RES”) Essay Competition.

The competition is run by the RES in association with tutor2u, the leading online community of Economics students and teachers.

A total of 1,164 student essays have been entered for this popular competition for which the first prize is £1,000 and an engraved trophy.  That represents a 60% increase on the number of entries in 2012 which itself was a record year.

Another striking feature has been a large rise in the number of schools and colleges represented with over 300 different institutions participating. A significant feature of the 2013 has been a large rise in the number of entries from maintained schools where A Level Economics is now booming as a subject choice for sixth-formers.

Commenting on the huge growth in student entries, Geoff Riley, co-Founder of tutor2u and a member of the teacher judging panel said;

"The 2013 RES competition has scaled new heights this year and the teacher judges have a big task on their hands to find the most compelling, stand-out entries. I feel that the superb response from schools and colleges reflects the wider recognition of the role of the Royal Economic Society and their efforts to reach out to students and teachers of this fabulous subject."

"The number of students taking A Level Economics has increased by over 60% in recent years and I have discovered many schools across the UK where Economics is making a welcome return to the academic curriculum. We are delighted that some of the passionate and ambitious teachers starting up new departments in these schools will be joining us as part of the judging team."

"A record entry is also a reflection of the growing size of the tutor2u Economics community. In the last year tutor2u has welcomed over 600 Economics teachers to our CPD programme  and at these events, many tell us that enrolled numbers are up with terrific interest and activity from students on their courses."

Beyond the summer months, a date not to be missed is the 2013 RES Annual Public lecture which will take place on Tuesday 26 November in Sheffield and Thursday 28 November in London. The speaker will be Tim Harford, 'Undercover Economist' and senior columnist of the Financial Times.


The RES Economics Essay Competition is open to all A Level Economics students and those studying equivalent qualifications (e.g. IB).

In 2013, students were invited to submit an essay of up to 2,500 words on one of the following essay titles:

·  Does the international mobility of talent make it impossible to tax the rich?

·  Should the experience of China silence those who think that democracy is good for growth?

·  Is the UK banking system too concentrated?

·  Should Universities embrace market forces in deciding what to teach and how?

·  Should those who object to Heathrow expansion be ``bought off’’ at taxpayer expense?

·  Must “quantitative easing” end in inflation?

Each entry to the competition is read and reviewed by a team of 25-30 experienced Economics teachers who meet together in early July. The Teacher Judges produce a shortlist of entries which is submitted to the RES Final Judging Panel with the overall winners announced in early August.

Number of Entries for the RES Economics Essay Competition

·  2013: 1,164 entries

·  2012: 731 entries

·  201: 500 entries

·  2010: 485 entries

The RES Economics Essay Competition is administered by tutor2u, the UK’s leading online community of Economics Teachers and Students.  tutor2u runs a popular support website for Economics receiving over 32 million users visits each year. It also runs the leading teacher CPD programme for Economics.

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