In A2 micro today we were discussing price-capping by industry regulators as a way of overcoming some of the welfare losses created by monopoly. The new much-expanded regime of regulatory agencies charged with monitoring prices and setting caps when appropriate is available here - can colleagues suggest some more? !!

OFFSET - carbon trading markets
OFSTED - education
OFFICIOUS - wheel clamping firms
OFF-PEAK - mountaineering companies
OFFLOAD - freight businesses
OFGEM - general energy markets
OFFLINE - internet service providers
OFFROAD - motorway service stations
OFFPUTTNG - exclusive golf clubs
OFFLICENCE - pubs and wine bars
OFFKEY - locksmiths and security businesses
OFFBEAT - digital and analogue music providers
OFFTHECUFF - clothing industry
OFWAT - water industry
OFFYOURFACE - businesses that encourage binge drinking
OFFICE - paper and photocopier suppliers
OFTEN - ten pin bowling
OFFSPIN - Indian Premier League
OFFAL - meat industry


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