In November 2013, Anthony Beaumont from Eton College organised a panel event on lessons to be learnt from the Global Financial Crisis. The highly successful event was attended by over 500 students from nearly forty schools and colleges. The panel included Anne Pettifor, Ha-Joon Change, Paul Ormerod and Crispin Odey. Tutor2u was pleased to sponsor the event by producing a colour booklet containing some relevant articles to the discussion. If you would like to have  a look at it, please check it out using the streamed presentation below. 

The title of this event is ‘No More Business As Usual: How to Avoid Another Financial Crash.’ The 2008 crisis marked a sea-change point.It was a failure on three counts: 1. A failure of oversight from Governments and Central Banks alike, 2. A failure of modeling in not being able to predict the crash and 3. A failure of ideology. Underpinning the crisis was the fundamentally flawed neo-liberal ideologue which has dominated main-stream economic thinking.

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