By 2050, the world’s growing population will use 55% more water in their homes, to grow food, and to produce electricity and manufactured goods. To ensure enough water to meet this demand, we will need to stop wasting it and find new ways to make sure there’s enough to go around.

The world’s demand for water will continue to grow in the years ahead because of a rising global population and changing lifetsyles and wealth. More people using more and increasingly polluted water represents one of the most severe environmental, economic and humanitarian challenges facing the world. Here are some video resources on the issue of water scarcity.

Water Scarcity

A selection on news videos on the issue of water scarcity

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It is clear that freshwater availability will be one of the key political issues in the years ahead. By 2050, over 40% of the global population are projected to be living in river basins experiencing severe water stress, especially in North and South Africa, and South and Central Asia.

Sub-Saharan Africa is unlikely to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving by 2015 the 1990 level of the population without access to an improved water source. And by 2050 1.4 billion people are projected to be still without access to basic sanitation.


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