The same article as published in Business, but with an economic twist for A2 students revising for your Micro paper this summer. With the growing market of e-readers and the competitive behaviour between Apple, Amazon and Google, how will the consumer benefit? Are there any benefits from competition for the three key players? What chance is there for any new company’s wanting to enter the market?

With new technology & the competitive nature between Sony, Apple and Google this article raises a lot of interesting application of both business and economic theory.

The threat e-readers brings to bookstores such as Waterstones, but especially independent book stores…. What will happen to the market and business behaviour? Will Google’s impressive downloading of books really open up the market to be more contestable? How will the duopoly react to the threat of Google (again!)

Essay practice…:“To date Google has scanned over 12 million books, both in-print and out-of-print, giving it a greater selection of material than either Apple or Amazon.” Discuss the extent to which this will open up the market to become more contestable?

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