Research Task – Theory

This week’s activity follows on from last week’s research task on the context of peacekeeping and the UWP Mission to Loyka case study.  This week’s activity requires students to research and present their findings (either as a poster, research presentation, blog etc.) about relevant theory related to the case study.  This activity will allow students to write better quality answers by applying relevant B&M tools, concepts and theories of the UWP Mission to Loyka.

Research one of the following:

o What is a sole trader (in the context of Kos Palouk)?
o What is a non-profit organization?
o What is social marketing?
o What is a social and environmental audit?
o What are ethical objectives?
o What is organizational culture?
o What is organizational structure?

Students could be asked to present their findings and share their research materials with each other.

Students wanting more help with the UWP case study may be interested in the upcoming Student Revision Workshops run by Level7 Education in Hong Kong.


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