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Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I’ve uploaded three revision games based on the UWP case study on Zondle…


How well do your students know the United World Peace Mission to Loyka case study?

I’ve uploaded three comprehensive quizzes on Zondle.  To play the full game, you’ll need to set up an account if you haven’t got one already (it’s free to register).

Once logged in, type ‘Sha Tin College’ in the search toolbar.  You’ll then see the three UWP Quiz files.  Each quiz consists of 10 comprehension questions from the case study.  Have a go - and then get your students to give it a go in class.

Hope your students find this resource useful in getting to know the case study.

Finally, you’ll also notice there are other revision quizzes created for the B&M course (and IB Econ, for those who also teach this course).  If you find it useful, bookmark the webpage as I’ll be adding more revision games before the final exams in May.

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