Welcome to a new academic year and a new set of current affairs quizzes for Business and Economics students…

Current Affairs Quiz #1 – 30th Aug 2010

The first current affairs quiz of the new academic year…

1. Which American manufacturer is facing delays in the production of its “787 Dreamliner”? 

2. Name the two computer giants in a multi-billion dollar bidding war to buy out 3Par, specialists in data storage and information management. 

3. Which Swiss banking group has signed a sponsorship deal to become a “global partner” of Formula One motor racing? 

4. Which car maker has announced another recall involving 1.3 million cars in the USA and Canada with potentially faulty engine control systems? 

5. Name the Mexican airline (one of the country’s biggest airlines) that has suspend all flights, three weeks after filing for bankruptcy protection.

6. Which Southeast Asian country celebrates its National Day on 2nd September? 

7. Name the world’s largest business-to-business e-commerce services provider that has completed an acquisition of American online software tools developer Auctiva – its second takeover of an American company. 

8. Which IT company has launched its first smartphone, priced from USD99? 

9. Nguyen Tan Dung is the Prime Minister of which WTO nation? 

10. What has been blamed for the forecast 0.8% decline in Russia’s GDP growth for 2010?

11. Aged 26, Mark Zuckerberg is the world’s youngest billionaire (worth USD10bn).  What company did he set up? 

12. Name the world’s 2nd and 3rd largest economies (based on nominal GDP). 

13. Hong Kong’s PCCW has secured a 3-year sponsorship deal with which English Premier League Club? 

14. Security technology firm McAfee is set to be taken over by which company for US$7.68bn (HKD59.7bn) – in cash?

15. 100 tonnes of which product has been seized in China due to safety concerns?

Question 14 - McAfee is being acquired by which IT company?


1. Boeing
2. Dell and HP
3. UBS
4. Toyota
5. Mexicana (or Mexicana de Aviacion)
6. Vietnam
7. Alibaba.com
8. Dell
9. Vietnam
10. Extreme weather conditions
11. Facebook
12. China and Japan (overtaken by China in Aug 2010)
13. Man U
14. Intel
15. Melamine-tainted milk powder

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