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A peak inside Santa’s Grotto...sorry, the Warehouse

A recent report suggested that about 25% of Christmas presents will be ordered online in 2011 and many of them will be picked, packed and despatched from this modern-day version of Santa’s grotto - the amazing warehouse.  This photo-stream provides some snapshots of activity at Amazon UK’s distribution hub in Swansea, which opened back in 2008 and must now be one of the busiest workplaces in the UK! 

Of course, we all know that the real Santa continues to use his highly-trained and efficient Elves for the present selection and distribution functions for children.  But students may appreciate seeing what goes on behind the scenes for the grown-up’s presents.  I’m told that Amazon is the official outsourcing partner for Santa for this important customer segment…

Here is the link to the full photo-stream Warehouse in Swansea Warehouse in Swansea

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